We are dedicated to delivering cost effective solutions and improving business performance for clients in Hutton.

  • Engineering Solutions
  • Fabrication Services
  • Waste & Recycling Solutions
  • Injection Moulding
  • Operational Excellence Services

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Engineering Solutions in Hutton

Equipment Repairs & Rebuilds – We can evaluate the current condition of your equipment and offer very cost-effective solutions for repairing or replacing their components. The high cost of replacing process equipment components can often be avoided by rebuilding existing components instead of replacing them. We can restore your equipment to better-than-new condition or reverse engineer and manufacture a better solution

Maintenance – Our relationship with clients doesn’t end with the installation of products. We provide on-going support in the form of regular servicing, consultation, and emergency repairs, even for equipment you already have installed.

Installation – We provide a wide range of installation solutions for production equipment, heavy equipment, industrial plant and mechanical infrastructure. We have the experience and expertise to confidently tackle a wide range of installation projects, from single machines to entire plants.

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Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services in Hutton

Our fabrication work is designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements in Hutton. We have a wealth of experience of working with a variety of material grades and can supply bespoke, one-off or volume orders to your exact quality standards and delivery times.

We are able to fabricate to our customer’s requirements, from bespoke design & build projects to small one-off components. No job is too large or small. We fabricate in a wide range of materials from Mild Steel, Through Hardened Plate, Stainless Steel, Chrome Carbide and Aluminium.

  • Belt conveyors
  • Screw Conveyors

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Waste and Recycling Solutions

Waste & Recycling Solutions in Hutton

Our focus is on delivering exceptional municipal waste and recycling services to improve operations and business performance in Hutton. We support Municipal contracts to ensure service levels and identify contract efficiencies. We also provide expertise to improve recycling operations and the quality of material streams.

Services include

  • Commercial contract reviews.
  • Operational improvement.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Training and sharing of knowledge.
  • Recycling performance improvement.
  • Equipment development.
  • Equipment installation and commissioning.
  • Bespoke solutions.

We work with our clients to ensure successful projects and overcome business and operational inefficiencies.

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Injection Moulding Services

Injection Moulding Services in Hutton

We offer a complete solution for high volume and technical plastic injection moulding from product concept design, tooling, injection moulding, assembly and packaging to warehousing and distribution on an international basis.

We service some of the world’s most demanding customers. We produce products that feature in several sectors that include the Automotive, Beverage, Consumer Goods, Cosmetic, Medical and Retail sectors. Our experience in these sectors allows us to understand and adapt to your unique requirements and expectations, and we provide the same professional service for low and high and annual volumes.

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Operational Excellence Services in Hutton

Excellence within Operations is not simply about utilising Lean Tools, but rather the development of a mindset within the workforce to acknowledge that getting better never stops.

It is about building a culture of sustained excellence where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in ongoing improvements that delivers results.

We provide strategies that focus on delivering results, keeping your employees positive and empowered, whilst continually improving the activities within the workplace.

We help organisations and individuals in Ashford understand and implement Excellence within their Operations.

We do this by working with you to define and address gaps in performance that need to be closed, developing both your capability to improve the flow of value to your customers and the problem-solving ability of your people so that you can sustain the gains and continuously improve.

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Ecowolfe solutions

About Ecowolfe Solutions

We solve our customers most critical issues and identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce downtime and optimise costs. We have built a base of knowledge in each industry sector that we service, so that when we sit down with you, we can talk your language and understand your challenges.

We believe that all organisational change comes through people, hence our approach is a people focussed approach, based on practical solutions to deliver sustainable bottom line improvements.

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We believe that all organisational change comes through people, hence our approach is a people focussed approach, based on practical solutions to deliver sustainable bottom line improvements.