Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

SmartClean Program:

The Smartclean Programme is part of our Soft FM package, which is the smarter way to clean a building.

The UK lost 137.3 million days to sickness during 2016 (source; ONS). With the Smartclean Programme this can be mitigated as it uses a hybrid model of people working alongside proven Robotic Vacuum and Mopping machinery that maximise the amount of work that can be completed within a set time.

Characteristics of our Robotic machinery:

Set Boundary Clean – virtual walls and magnetic strips to control where the robot vacuum cleaners operate, enabling them to perform in, and only in, a given or specific space,

Intelligent Clean – They have advanced sensors giving them the ability to transition between bare floors and carpeted areas,

Smart Clean – SmartClean ensures that cleaning doesn’t just pick up the dirt that can be seen by the human eye. The program will ensure every inch of floor space is cleaned systematically to ensure a thorough clean is achieve

SmartClean Features:

  • Extended battery life,
  • Rotary brushes fitted to clean corners and edges,
  • Low noise output compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner,
  • Infra-red detection to avoid major obstacles,
  • Stairs and drop detection,
  • Full mop functionality for hard surfaces,

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SmartClean Improvements:

  • Improved delivery of service,
  • Cleaning resource hours are freed to continue with key cleaning tasks,
  • Higher standard of key cleaning areas,
  • Out of hours service delivery model,
  • Improved labour efficiencies,
  • Chemical and consumable usage efficiencies,
  • Improved service levels,
  • Self-auditing of specific areas,
  • Focussed approach to corners and edges, Amongst others

SmartClean Anaylsis:

Our SmartClean Programme will analyse and feedback on the areas covered and cleaned, ensuring a full track and trace of cleaning activities.

Room Mapping Data:

Our SmartClean Programme will map out the specific areas to be covered and cleaned, ensuring an agreed regime that can be easily monitored and adjusted as required.

Key Benefits:

  • Savings on resource or compliment cleaning resource to enhance results,
  • Mapping allows detailed report of areas covered so effective program can be developed,
  • SmartClean can detect changes in the surface underneath and adjust its settings accordingly for optimal results,
  • SmartClean has advanced sensors that can detect the amount of cleaning required at different spots. The machine will repeatedly clean a surface until it is clean

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