Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

We offer a wide range of cost-effective technologies and eco-friendly cleaning products for our client’s most demanding environments.

We will not be beaten on Quality, Service or Price.

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Eco-Green Cleaner

Our Eco-Green Cleaner consists of a highly concentrated composition of micro-nutrients and surface modifying compounds that allow for the deepest cleaning of substrates and surfaces than any other cleaner.

Odours are instantly neutralised, upon contact, and organic slime growth and residues that cause blockages and odours are effectively removed. It can be applied through mop buckets, foam guns, spray systems, direct pump injection, power washers, or any type of wash down system, at various dilutions depending upon the application being treated.

Our Eco-Green Cleaner transforms any commercial facility or household into a clean, hygienic and odour-free environment, far surpassing any other cleaning solution available on the market.

  • Bathrooms
  • Floors & Tiles
  • Counter Tops
  • Drain Lines
  • Ablutions
  • Grease Interceptors
  • Kitchens – Sinks, Ovens, etc
  • Parking Lots
  • Pet Areas
Below are some of the Industries that utilise Eco-Cleaning Products:
  • Facilities Management
  • Airports & Airlines
  • Marine Industry
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Petrol stations
  • Process plants
  • Catering
  • Utilities
Eco-Green NONTOX

This is a biocatalytic system in a liquid concentrate form that tackles tough chemical spills.

When combined with fresh or salt water and oxygen, the product will cause crude oil, jet fuel, diesel, petrol and other organic substances to rapidly decompose, eventually biodegrading them to carbon dioxide and water as end products.

The product is non-toxic and safe to humans, animals, marine life and plant life. It is 100% biodegradable and non-flammable. It will reduce fire hazards by increasing flash points and auto-ignition threshold points in substances such as gasoline or fuel oil. It eliminates obnoxious odours associated with crude oil, petroleum derivatives and other organic molecules that are proceeding through the natural decomposing process.

It is fully compatible with most types of application equipment now in use. The product may

be easily applied by hand or power sprayers, helicopter, airplane or floating equipment and its application requires no special safety equipment.

  • Removes up to 90% of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in 96 hours
  • Non-toxic formula does not require personal protective equipment to apply
  • Provides immediate and ongoing VOC odour suppression
  • Able to provide superior cleaning and breakdown of oil coatings and wastes
  • Accelerates biodegradation rates of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)
  • Improves the effectiveness of most other remediation technologies
  • Treats all types of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination
  • Helps in the precipitation of metals in wastewater discharges
  • Can be used at extremely high dilution rates with no special equipment
  • Reduces costs associated with soil and water remediation and clean-up
  • Safe for Humans, Animals and Marine Life
  • Fuel & Oil Spillages
  • Jet Washing Activities
  • Initial Actions for Fire Fighting
  • Fuel or Oil Tank Cleaning
  • Engine / Generator Wipe down
  • Galley Drain Line Unclogging
  • CHT Tank Cleaning / Degreasing
  • Flight Deck Cleaning
  • Petrol Station Forecourt Cleaning
  • Trough Cleaning

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